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Genuine Denso A C Compressor 2009-?

28 May 2017 - 09:16 AM

Purchased this unit used for a project car I was working on, never got around to installing it. The donor vehicle had 42k miles at the time it was removed. I verified this using the vin and running a carfax report. I will also include a brand new accumalator drier.


Asking $145 shipped


email me @ jvgetresults@hotmail.com for pictures........



Several Spare Parts Available........ 2003 Xrs

23 July 2016 - 11:23 PM

As most of you may already know I have parted ways with my 2003 XRS.....  anyhow, as previously mentioned I have several parts that I had left over, some used, some brand new still in sealed packaging.   All prices do not include shipping, simply let me know what your interested in and include your zip code and I will give you a shipping rate, I will attempt to get you the best rate possible...  I will consider package deals if your interested in more than one item, simply pm me with your interest.


All prices are negotiable but please do not hit my below the belt.... :ohno-smiley:


Pictures are listed below with details on every item.....



Below: Set of stock headlights, I would rate their condition being between good/very good, they will not include bulbs..


$100 obo




Below: Stock floor mats, charcoal color, used but in near new condition...


$75 obo



Below: 2zz Valve cover gasket plus plug seals brand new in factory packaging......


$50 obo



Below: 2zz oil filters, total of 3 brand new in factory packaging.....


$15 obo



Below: Front & rear bump stops in good used condition.....


$20 obo



Below: OEM fog light (right side) in near new condition...........


$45 obo



Below: Denso ignition coils, brand new in factory sealed packaging (Qty 4)......


$225 obo



Below: Aftermarket air filter, brand new in packaging (Qty 1).....


$8 obo



Below: New wipers in sealed packaging pair......


$15 obo



The Time Has Come.....

19 July 2016 - 03:42 PM

Its with great sorrow that I write this post....


Well as the title reads....The time came for me to have parted ways with my long loved little buddy..... :sadsmiley02: I had an opportunity come up to purchase a 2009 Matrix with semi low miles and an unbelievably low price tag from a close friend.... I know, I know.... I will be the first to say, I don't feel that the 2009 is a newer version of a Matrix, quite frankly its a totally different car....But anyhow, the price was right and as I use my car as a DD to commute 150+ miles a day  so it was time to come to a reality that my 2003 XRS was on its way out.....at 293k miles, it had a severe oil leak, noisy throw out bearing, persistent  cat code coming up and the body was showing its age....I had to make a choice that would work for me now and in the long run, so it had to go....



I will be creating a new post in the days ahead with several parts that I have left over from my XRS, I just need to gather everything up and take pictures, so stay tuned if your interested....


I have attached pictures below of my 2003 XRS and the new so called 2009 Matrix.... sorry for the LARGE pictures, enjoy......




Above: Good times, after a fresh wash and wax, going out for some grub.....




Above: Loving life in winter mode.......



Above: Enjoying an afternoon chilling in his crib of the last 5 years.......



Above: The day......here he awaited the arrival of his new owner, a 17 year old high school student.... :bigeyedsmiley:  As you can see he is fully returned back to stock with the exception of the antenna.




Above: The new addition, damn it looked ugly.....



Above: After a long, long needed detail and funky purple tint removal, rocking my XRS wheels....



Above: After a second paint correction process, 15% tint all around and the addition of my Konig 18' rims...this is its latest photo...

5W/20 Vs 5W/30

15 January 2016 - 11:34 PM

Been noticing that I am having some cold starts lately, In conversation with a friend he recommended I run 5w/20 instead of the 30 weight during the winter cold months. Just wondering if any of you are running this weight? I'm due for an oil change here in the next few days and would consider trying it out if someone here has already been the guinea pig...... :arrowheadsmiley:

Happy New Year!

31 December 2015 - 12:55 PM

Although early, yes I know, but then again I may not be mentally available in the morning :bigeyedsmiley: .....I would like to wish all of the MO crew a very blessed and happy new year.


You all have a safe and have a happy one!