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#1325384 Alternate Battery Sizes That Fit, Pros And Cons

Posted by jburdman7 on 19 January 2016 - 07:47 PM

The space allotted for a battery in a trix leaves the least room for experimentation of any car I've ever owned. It is simply a small space for a battery.  There are only very few batteries which will fit a trix at all, let alone be larger. I just assumed nothing better would fit! I'm glad vtirx looked in to this.


Not every battery will use every inch allotted in the BCI size standard but the larger capacity batteries in the line will be close. I've noticed for eg., that the Exide 36R(-60), which is in a group size which can be nearly a 9" tall battery, is actually only 7.5" tall. There are a few 24F batteries in some manufacturer's line-ups which will fit in a Trix as well. A 24F can be up to 11" L so most higher end batteries in the line will severely pinch the upper radiator hose.


The bottom line is that other sizes will fit with a little coaxing / shimming. Many other possible sizes have no real advantage, but who knows what sale you might run in to. If your trix needs a battery at the same time a buddy of yours is about to trash a car with one of these odd sizes in it, you can use this guise to exercise your environmental 3Rs- Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Listing dimensions for all possibilities gets pretty tedious. Different manufacturers might make different sizes in their lower capacity batteries. Here is the Interstate battery guide with the dimensions to their battery line.


I will assume that you do not want to convert to side terminals or extend the wires to allow for reversing the post polarity-

(not necessarily an exhaustive list but I tried)

Alternative fitments which will only work in very specific instances-

24F, IF the L is 10 3/8" or less

36R, IF short like the Excide I mentioned. It is max limit in length, so fitment will be tight with no real advantage in capacity.

I am sure there are others but these are the only ones I ran in to.



Group  CCA / RC  / CA / Lbs.

124F     700    120   875   40  Max capacity, max L&W dimensions.

H5-47   650     100   810   33  Good weight to capacity ratio. Size wise it looks to be a painless substitution.

35         640    100   800    38  Stock

24F       600    100   750    39 (using the specifications of the one Interstate 24F which would fit.) Max L dimension

H5-90   600     100   750    32 OK weight to capacity ratio

26R      540       81   675    28  lightest


Stand-out options

Anyone looking to shave pounds (looking for racing performance) should consider installing a H5-47 or another lighter option.

Anyone looking to shoehorn in the largest capacity and weight possible should consider installing a 124F.


If anyone tries something that does or does not work, let us know.

I know the short group 36 will fit but it is real tight between the upper radiator hose and the fuse box just as the 124F will be.

The 124F will fit with a modification to the battery tray and the fuse cover.

#1320549 Source For Oe Brake Pads And Rotors

Posted by jburdman7 on 17 January 2015 - 11:08 AM

What brand/manufacture are the Toyota OE pads?

I am no brake guru but the only other brand of pad that I have consistently heard is competitive is from Akebono. Pictures of their pads do not resemble the OEM pads however both Amazon and Advanced Auto Parts claim that Akebono is the OEM supplier.

#1320491 Letting The Car Warm Up

Posted by jburdman7 on 14 January 2015 - 01:21 AM

It's cold here 0 to -10 most nights in the winter. I let mine run for 20 min or so to break thru the frost on the windshield and get some heat started. I also hate wearing a coat while I drive. No issues yet. 183000 miles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

A block heater timed to turn on 2-3 hours before you leave, and an extension cord running out to a space heater timed to turn on 20 minutes before you leave- and you could feel like a king. Just be careful not to melt the interior with a misdirected or oversized heater.

I learned the heater trick after a few ice storms haha

Have you tried Rain-X to help with clearing the windshield?


Warming up your car is for your comfort and not good for the car.  I'm guilty of starting it up while cleaning the snow and ice off the windows.  But if they are clear, just start and go.  Keep the Revs down for the first 10-15 minutes.

You are probably fine to rev a while before the needle starts coming up but certainly by then the oil should be working. Again, set times are not accurate when dealing with varying temperatures.


I wonder when the engine has enough heat to spare to heat the cabin without effecting the fuel economy or the oil viscosity.

#1320486 Best Floor Mats For Matrix 03-08 = Findway F518 3D Style

Posted by jburdman7 on 13 January 2015 - 11:38 PM


When we are comparing these aftermarket all-weather mats, are we comparing them to factory carpet, or the factory all-weather rubber mats?
After I got my Trix... which came with half-shot factory carpet mats, I ordered the all-weather mats from Toyota. IIRC they ran around $120 for the set. This was 2009.

I have no idea if they are still available from Toyota.They are decent mats. They have "Matrix" molded right in them.


As for protecting the rear when hauling, most places want around $100 for a custom rear mat. Too rich for me! This is what I use. Just a cement mixing tray from the hardware store. Super handy for hauling twigs / bags which might leak / etc etc. I don't leave it in the car all the time tho.


 Findway 3D floor mats are alot better than OEM rubber mats.

I'm comparing the Findway vs. Huskies, Weathertech and others 3D floormats.


They are great


Did you see my video? :)

I know someone shopping for Subaru Forester accessories. I have recommended these to him and will keep this company in mind. I watched the video and also wish I knew about these mats before I bought. They look etter and cheaper than OEM rubber mats. Thanks for sharing your find!

#1320453 How To: Convert Fog Lights Into Drl

Posted by jburdman7 on 11 January 2015 - 08:17 PM

Is there a (easily done/ reversible) way to swap the function of the main lowbeams and the foglights?


Auto-on as in being initiated by dropping the parking brake lever? Yes you can have your fog lights operate auto-on. Not an easy hack IMO. The "auto-on" I disabled is the ambient light sensor on the dash.

The DRL over-ride is a separate switch you would just leave 'off' when you only want the fog lights on. Switching the DRL switch 'on' puts the DRL operation back to factory. The fog light mod as I have done it is permanent. The fog lights are available to be turned on any time the car is running and the parking brake is down, including during high beam. There is a way to get this to operate differently with more complexity but you are headed in the same direction I am... I will eventually make the fog lights LED DRLs.

Great minds think alike!

#1320333 Reset Auto Door Lock/unlock

Posted by jburdman7 on 05 January 2015 - 12:42 AM

Mode 1 When all the doors are closed and the key is in the "On" position, moving the shift lever out of park will automatically lock all doors. (no auto-unlock)

Mode 2 cancels the automatic locking and unlocking function so that they do not operate at any time.

Mode 3 When all the doors are closed and the key is in the "On" position, moving the shift lever out of "Park" will automatically lock all doors. When the shift lever is moved back into "Park", regardless of the key position,  all of the doors are automatically unlocked.

Mode 4 When all the doors are closed and the key is in the "On" position, moving the shift lever out of "Park" will automatically lock all doors. When the shift lever is moved back into "Park" AND the key is turned off, all of the doors are automatically unlocked.