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In Topic: Alternate Battery Sizes That Fit, Pros And Cons

20 March 2017 - 03:26 PM

That is light! Light weight will mean thin plates. Thin plates mean a short life. Less to sulfate and still work. I wouldn't do it but that is up to you. If you do, learn to equalize the cells and desulfate the battery. I do that and I typically get my batteries to last 8-11 years.


If you want to go balls-to-the-wall on a light battery I'd look in to the lithium-ion auto batteries but then KEEP IT COOL. You'd want to move the battery to the hatch but the wire would add weight. No venting issues so that is not a problem. Heat kills Li-on. So does charging them cold but that won't be an issue for you.


I should add the option of the 34 size battery. I just realized that Exide must use the guts to their 24F in the more suitably sized 34 case making for an excellent value combo. The old stats were taken from the Interstate (Johnson Consrols) guide I linked to in the OP.
Using the Exide extreme stats for the size 34:


Group  CCARC  / CA /   Lbs.
34         800    120   960    43.6

124F     700    120   875    40  Max capacity, max L&W dimensions.

H5-47   650     100   810    33  Good weight to capacity ratio. Size wise it looks to be a painless substitution.

35         640    100   800    38  Stock

24F       600    100   750    39 (using the specifications of the one Interstate 24F which would fit.) Max L dimension

H5-90   600     100   750    32 OK weight to capacity ratio

26R      540       81   675    28  lightest


I note how much  brand change can make a difference. The highest capacity Johnson Control battery in the 34 line is:
34        700     110  1,000   38


The bottom line is that for most applications the Exide Extreme 34 from the Home Depot for $94 is the best deal. It might be a tight fit tho. I'd say that I'd let you know when I try it but this site is down so much anymore that I have no idea when I will be back. Look at how long it took for me to see your post in the first place.

In Topic: Airbag Light On? Code Reading And Fault Diagnosing Instructions Here

12 January 2017 - 11:47 AM

Here is another great resource in helping repair airbag codes.

In Topic: New 2005 Matrix Xrs Owner - Questions, Advice, Etc.

12 January 2017 - 01:36 AM

3. Airbag light is on.  I've seen there are various airbag recalls, but the only open one for this car is the most recent.  This is the recall where moisture can make the airbag a shotgun essentially (awesome).  I've read about the numerous problems with spiral cord, and don't want to pay to have it fixed.


From my reading your light will not be fixed by the recall. Your light is on because the airbag computer seeing that something electrically wrong. The airbag computer has no idea what squibs were used in the airbags. I just meta-posted about diagnosing the Trix airbag light here.

In Topic: Transmission Fluid Change And Other High Mileage Maintenance

12 January 2017 - 01:27 AM

If the trans is behaving properly I'd change the fluid only. I'd only risk a flush as an attempt of a cheap fix on an actual issue.

If you replace the fluid in the Honda, do some research. Sometimes Honda does odd things like use ATF in MTs.


X2 on the turkey baster method for the PS fluid, but I would not worry about that yet unless it looks ugly.


Brake fluid ends up getting changed when the brakes are changed. I don't worry about it unless it looks bad.


Wide belt grooves? That's a new one to me. If the ribs aren't cracked, run it till they are.


"we had our clock replaced"

Clock or clock spring ie., the time piece, or the gizmo behind the steering wheel? Either can cause the airbag light issue.


I understand the MT fluid to be synthetic from the factory so on a MT I wouldn't worry about the fluid till maybe 20 years or 200K.


Trixes have a lot of Aluminum in the cooling system. Many cars are forgiving about never changing the coolant. I would follow the instructions for the Trix. If you ever do your own radiator flush USE DISTILLED WATER or pre-mixed fluid.


I do not understand the multiple trans fluid drain instructions above. You drain it. You fill it. You run it for another 100+K mi. My .02


After 80k miles, there are two kinds of Oxygen sensors. Dead ones, and those about to fail. Most people wait for the ECU to give the code, but Trixes are known for ruined Cats too, so methinks the computer flags the Ox sensor a bit late. IMO - get rid of the O2 AYC.



In Topic: What Do You Hate The Most About Matrix's

08 January 2017 - 04:04 PM

This is an easy question.
#1 The goofy driving position.  The pedals are too close to the steering wheel's position. So if you are far enough away from the pedals, the steering wheel feels like you are driving from the back seat. If you move closer so the wheel is where you want it, then the pedals are too close. I hear that Toyota did this to keep faces away from the steering wheel but for this tall driver it is a serious nuisance. So much so that if the Mazda 5 delivered respectable MPGs, I'd be in one of them.


#2 Anything small sat on the back seat manages to slide back and fall under the seat cushion, then slide forward to where it is a bear to get. I want to go to a junk yard some time just to pull a back seat. The change I'd find alone might pay for my trip. I might even find Jimmy Hoffa.


#3-infinity: My Trix has had every problem you all consider rare. Airbag light, water pump, exhaust pipe, clock, ECU recall, heat shield, oil seal, CD loading mechanism, and perhaps a few issues I forgot. The car delivers great mileage and has never let me sit. It has also always delivered some new problem for me to repair when I get around to it. One air bag recall and air bag fault code 43 to go!


Then maybe I can get back to modifying it when I have the time. Heated seats anyone? Mmmmm.