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Poll: How Long Will Mo Be Up?

01 May 2017 - 06:20 PM

I'd say Cinco de Mayo it will be down.  Any takers?  $5 into the pool.



03 Vibe Gt With High Idle Issues

24 October 2016 - 04:39 PM

Been fighting a high idle issue in the 03 VGT after warmed up.  It will rev as high as 3K and if I tap the pedal it will back down to 1.2k-1K.     Here's what I've done.


Cleaned the IACV, and TB.  Didn't help

Replaced the IACV with one from MWR.  Didn't help, Also popped P0505 code occasionally.

Replaced the IACV , under warranty, had MWR rebuild a TB. Didn't Help and still will get a P0505 pending occasionally.

Cleaned the MAF  and AIT.  Didn't help (don't beat me dnm).  

Replaced 90% of the Vac lines and tested every intake and Vac connection for leaks and found none.  

Backed the TB stop set screw out as much as possible and adjusted the Throttle cable to be slack.  Unfortunately the TB feels like it's stuck when first pressing the gas pedal.  


3 weeks ago while on a 200 mile trip the car popped p0505, p0420.  I reset both codes and had bounced it off the rev limiter about 2 times while passing in 3rd gear.  On the return 200 mile trip it popped a p0446 and p0420 and again I had bounced it off the rev limiter 2 times. Reset them also.


This pass weekend on the same trip no codes not even pending.  I bounced the rev limiter once.


Also once in awhile it will do the bouncing between 1K and 2K rpms.   


Looking at real time data all the temps, pressures and etc look normal.  




Heat Soak Myth Busted

11 June 2016 - 08:36 AM

After getting researching and discussing the effects of heat on Intakes we did a little test. The setup:

1) 03 Vibe GT, Cosmo SRI, with 175K miles

2) Ambient air temp according to the car was 91-94 Deg F.

3) The car was driven 25 minutes then let idle at least for 15 minutes

4) The air intake temp started 163 deg f and got down to 97 deg F at the end of the drive.


Here's my conclusions:

1) The was an extreme test and after 2 minutes of driving heak soak had very little effect on the performance.

2) Any Heat soak that my incur during stop and go driving will go away within and few miles of normal driving.

3) Any intake with or without a heat shield will have this issue.


A similar test was done on 04 RX330, with a stock airbox, letting it idle from a cold start for 15 minutes.  The AIT started at 140 deg F and went down to 104 deg F after 3 miles of driving.   



Sportline Lowering Spring Issues. Help!

23 July 2015 - 10:34 AM

On the 03 Vibe GT 1 year ago I installed a set of Sportline lowering springs and replaced the Struts in all 4 corners with monroe.  After a week or so of driving the car was aligned.  No problems at all for 1 year.  April of this year I added a Hotckiss RSB, 17" wheels and new tires then had it aligned again, no problem.  This past June been hearing the springs shift on the rear when taking corners or hitting a bump.  I tore them down and inspected and found no issues an reinstalled.  Again the noise continued and then recently installed new mounts on the rears, again the noise continues.


What am I missing?  Next going to Stock RSB back in and see what happens?  Can the Strut tops wear allowing the spring to move?



A Few Car Items For Sale/give Away

26 January 2015 - 10:33 AM


Items for sale/give away:
From top left to right
Mishimoto catch can $20, 2 brand new 1zz aftermarket coils $100 for both, 3 used 2zz coils have cracks $5 ea, Spectre filter 2.75"id needs cleaning $5,
homemade 12" subwoofer box free, Visonik 500watt amp $5, Sunpro boost/vac gauge free and last Sony 1000watt amp $20.
Everything worked when pulled. Shipped at buyers expense.